Modern portable devices do not last the whole day of usage with only one charge. Because of that, users have to carry along chargers and power banks. Additionally, searching for a charging spot at a vital moment is inconvenient, nerve wracking and inefficient. Carrying chargers and power banks offer a temporary and uncomfortable solution to that problem, yet it does not solve the problem.

Our Solution:
StepCharge is the solution for the core of the problem, not another relief for the consequences. We created a pocket sized device that connects between the desired device and its charger. The device replaces the regular charging graph with StepCharge’s unique charging function. Thanks to the change in charging function, the devices charged through StepCharge will have up to 5 hours of increased usage time per charge and a significantly longer lifetime. Using our device, carrying the chargers, power banks and searching for a charging-spot will not be necessary anymore as short usage time of the devices will not be a problem after charging through StepCharge!

What is it exactly? What about the future?
Even though StepCharge seems to be a piece of hardware, our growth potential is huge, because it actually is an algorithm/software for lithium batteries as a whole. Because of that, our market is quickly and efficiently expandable outside the market of smart devices – to charging electric cars, super-capacitors, wireless charging solutions and much more. Our research and development with market validation is done with in co-operation with well-known brands, such as Valge Klaar, Apple and Skeleton Technologies.

The technology has been in continuous testing for 5 years now and with final touches being made as you are reading!

The revolution is at your doorstep!